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As a branding agency based in Sydney, Australia, AOMI strives to offer top-notch quality for its clients. To do so, our dedicated team customises its marketing collateral and digital design to your business’s needs and goals. We specialise in a variety of services, including logo design, branding, advertising campaigns, website design, and SEO/Adwords..


Our Vision

AOMI strives to create high-quality advertising campaigns, designs, and website setups for businesses that are struggling to find services that are provided by professional designers. Ultimately, the company aims to not only provide high-quality work, but also ensure your business experiences excellent long-term results.

To do this, AOMI provides a customised business strategy that is designed to boost its clients’ marketing and website. For each project, the company’s staff meticulously designs creative, unique concepts that are memorable to the business’s targeted audience.

Our Staff

Include images and names of staff members, along with description of what they each provide and their background. If this idea would work, I am happy to write brief descriptions for free.

Previous Projects

Include a title of each project, along with a brief description, name of the company, and possibly an accompanying image/review. If the company as a whole has not provided services, the website could have some projects of individual members. Again, I am happy to write the content for free.